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Communication and Visibility:

Creating Project Brand Idendtity and, Communication and Visibility Expertise Services for the Technical Assistance for Increasing Attendance and Enrolment Rates in Secondary Education Project

6 Apr 2022

06.04.2022 - 30.06.2022

Creating brand identity: To develop branding and corporate identity for the Operation to communicate the goals and values of it; branding, identity, and logo together were created which will represent the operation’s mission and vision in the first place and define the way the Beneficiary and Contractor communicate the operation to the target groups, stakeholders, and media. A unique and consistent branding and identity that will be used in all the administrative and written materials and communication tools will contribute to the success of the implementation through linking all the communication activities.

Communication and Visibility expertise services: Communication and Visibility expertise services were provided to enhance dissemination of project activities and results among internal and external stakeholders, share the good practices, raise awareness of the importance of participation in secondary education and provide significant visibility to the commitment of the European Union to increase participation in secondary education.

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