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We have four main focus areas:

Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Democracy

  • Judiciary

  • Fight Against Corruption

  • Fight Against Organised Crime / Security

  • Migration and Border Management

  • Fundamental Rights

  • Democracy

  • Civil Society


Good Governance, Acquis Alignment, Good Neighbourly Relations, and Strategic Communication

  • Good Governance

  • Good Neighbourly Relations and Reconciliation

  • Administrative Capacity and EU Acquis Alignment

  • Strategic Communication, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communication Activities


Sustainable Connectivity and Green Agenda

  • Environment And Climate Change

  • Transport, Digital Economy and Society, and Energy


Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth

  • Education, employment, social protection and inclusion policies, and health

  • Private sector development, trade, research, and innovation

  • Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Fishery

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