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We offer turn-key solutions for whole tender/grant proposl prepration and project implementation processes or we support implementation of awarded projects as a sub-contracted service provider..

We provide following services for a project:

  1. Partnership / Consortium Building

  2. Proposal Preparation

  3. Project Management

  4. Implementation of Activities

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

  6. Reporting



We are highly aware that the preparation and approval of progress reports and final report are one of the most critical steps since the whole implementation and success of a project could be monitored through these reports.

Specifically Progress Reports will provide short description of conducted interventions and project progress (technical and financial) including problems encountered, planned work for the next months accompanied by an invoice and the expenditure verification report. The reports will also provide sufficiently detailed information which accurately reflects the progress of the programme in the light of its objectives, indicators, the work-plan and the budget.

We provide support services for reporting according to required terms and contents of grant agreement or ToR document of tender.

The content of the Progress Reports will include, but will not be limited to, the followings:

  • Short Description of Technical and Financial Progress,

  • The progress of the Project interventions with the descriptions of the main difficulties and the results achieved,

  • Assessment of success and major constraints per activity and tasks,

  • Overall achievements of the programme,

  • Recommendations for future actions to ensure sustainability to the programme interventions,

  • A review of problems encountered during the implementation of the interventions and the corrective measures taken,

  • A detailed work plan for the defined following period and preliminary recommendations/measures for the period,

  • Assessment of success and major constraints per activity and tasks,

  • Overall achievements of the Project,

  • A summary of the financial status of the implementation of the Project, including a detailed description of the Experts,

  • Invoice, Expenditure Verification Report.

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