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Graphic Designer 


(EU Expert Career Development Programme)

Reference Number:

202302-Te/At/Ae/GD (Re-launched)

Deadline for Applications:

30 June 2023 at 12:00:00

Place(s) of work: 

Job Type

Ankara, Türkiye

Full time staff: 1 (one)

Daily based staff: 0 (zero)

Part-time staff: 1 (one)

Total order: 2 (two)

Istanbul, Türkiye

Key Information

Position title: According to experience, in order from bottom to top; Trainee, Assistant, Associate under our EU Expert Career Development Programme

Working type: Hybrid (Location of office work: According to place of residence; Ankara (preferably) or İstanbul)

Contracting period: Starting between the dates of 03.07.2023/31.07.2023 – Termination: Indefinite Date

Contract term: Indefinite employment contract

Provinces to be prioritized of applications: Ankara (preferably) and Istanbul

Wage (Full Gross): 12.259,00 TL

Task and Duties:

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for the design and development of visual materials under the supervision of the NKE for Communication, Publicity and Visibility, in the EU funded projects which the company provides project implementation services such organisation of events, social media campaign, press meetings etc.

The following tasks are defined for this position:

  • Dealing with the entire process of defining requirements for visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos.

  • Design and development of branding and/or project identity package that is unique, responsive, and consistent to be used in all the administrative and written materials and communication tools for the operation. Project/Event logo, themes, templates for official communications releases, flyers, posters, covers for reports, studies and brochures, presentation template for the Project, business cards, leaflets, email signatures in colour and in black and white will be prepared as bi-lingual (in Turkish and English).


Those who want to start a career in the European Union (EU) and international projects sector or develop a career in this sector;

  • Final year student or

  • Newly graduate (Less than 3 years from the graduation date) or

  • Bachelor (More than 3 years from graduation date. and,

  • Less than 3 years of general work experience and,

  • Less than 3 years of specific work experience in the announcement field and,

  • Good knowledge of English written and spoken and,

  • No travel restriction in Turkey and abroad.

Specific Skills:

  • Knowledge EU Visibility Rules and guidelines is highly valuable asset

  • Experience in EU and national projects will be a valuable asset, even as an intern or volunteer during higher education time or later. 

  • Previous experience in similar assignments even out of EU and national projects will be an asset, even as an intern or volunteer during higher education time or later.  

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